Individual Coaching & Fueling Intensive Client

Mom, Wife & Triathlete


"This was one of the best postpartum support decisions that I made!  I appreciated the evidence-based education and advice that was packaged into tangible and accessible nutrition, diet, and lifestyle recommendations.  I learned how to help my body recover and thrive postpartum while also prioritizing my nursing goals and eventually my son's solid food goals."



Individual Coaching Client

Mom, Wife & Medical Professional


"A little about me. I am turning 40 and have 3 young children, 6, 5, and 2yr. I spent the last 6 years either pregnant or nursing. I work full time 8+ hours a day outside my home. After my last baby, I was always tired and nothing I did helped me regain energy or tone my body. I began researching alternatives on how I could achieve my goals. All I found was intense work-out plans or diet plans. I knew this would not fit my lifestyle and I had questions about aging and how hormones might be playing a role. I reached out to Fueling Life and it started with a free consult. They asked me lots of questions to make sure I was a good fit, and they were a good fit. Then I got the words I was looking for, "yes we can help you." I signed up and it was nothing like I expected! Each step was catered to me and my needs, some weeks were really hard, but my coach talked me through it and gave me weekly (sometimes daily) feedback. I am not there yet but I have my energy back so I know I can get there! I lost 10 pounds without trying, I fill half my grocery cart with fruits and veggies, my labs look great, and my kids are inspired to eat healthier. Everyone knows what is expected to have a healthy lifestyle, but it can be overwhelming and frustrating to try and be that perfect image. It's ok to ask for help and you might be surprised what you learn about yourself that's been holding you back. I am very grateful to Fueling Life, thanks for getting me to 40, feeling alive and energized again."


Fueling the Mother Athlete Client

Mom, Wife & Fitness Instructor


"I have been in the health industry for years and have always worked hard to lead a healthy lifestyle. This course helped me gain a new perspective on my nutrition and the importance of fueling your body. Tiffany and Kendra are amazing and the knowledge and passion they bring to this course is wonderful. I am sad that the 6 weeks is over but will continue to hone in on the skills I have learned and keep putting them in to practice every day."


Fueling the Mother Athlete Client

Mom, Wife, Runner & Yogi


“The [Fueling the Mother Athlete] course was extremely helpful to me, and I thought I had a fairly good understanding of proper nutrition before this class and a fairly healthy relationship with food. Unfortunately, I know many women have difficult relationships with food. A proper understanding of nutrition could be extremely helpful to all women to better their relationship with food.


"Good nutrition can supplement and improve many areas of life not just physically. Kendra & Tiffany want to help you personally make fueling your body fun and simple so you can be the best Mother Athlete you can be.”



Fueling Life Nutrition Client

Mom, Wife, Nurse, & Bootcamper


“I'm so thankful for Tiffany and Kendra! Name a diet, and I've tried it. I've had temporary success, but nothing sustainable that also allowed me to enjoy my life. I have gone through two programs with Fueling Life and finally signed up for 1:1 coaching. These girls are real life moms, wives, athletes, and dietitians and they understand real life!


I've learned so much about myself, my nutrition, my athletic abilities and how to fuel properly. Tiffany and Kendra are kind and accommodating, professional and knowledgeable. I'm a customer for life with Fueling Life!"



Fueling Intensive Client

Mom, Wife & Fitness Enthusiast


"Tiffany and Kendra have been great to work with! They are very knowledgeable and have been so encouraging to me. They have taught me that fueling my body to meet my goals isn't about food rules and restrictions, it is about setting small stackable habits that are simple and effective, leading to lots of energy and long term success. Food is fuel and is meant for enjoyment, as well. FLN has helped me become more confident with my food choices!"



Fueling the Mother Athlete Client

Owner/Instructor Stroller Strong Moms Fairbanks, 200 RYT


"The Fueling the Mother Athlete course is something EVERYONE can benefit from. Kendra and Tiffany share a wealth of information in an easily digestible way, that you can immediately implement. They understand the balancing act that mother athletes have, and the course reflects that. They keep it simple and applicable to this wonderfully busy, ever changing season of life. Do yourself a favor and make this investment in yourself and your training, you won’t regret it."


Fueling Intensive Client

Mom, Wife & Former College Athlete


"I have been active all of my life--organized sports from adolescence through college and outdoor activities beyond. However, my habits around food have been extreme. I have always wanted to see different results in my body without the knowledge of how to sustain my best self around food. This course has helped lay out the basic nutrition building blocks to help me find my sustainable habits surrounding food. Each choice I make is a chance to make a change toward my best self. "



Fueling Life Nutrition Client

Mom, Wife, Marine, & Runner


"I have been working with Tiffany and Kendra for over two years. In that time, they have helped me with nutrition for a marathon training program and during a difficult pregnancy with gestational diabetes. Most recently, Tiffany has helped me as a service member in the U.S. military, to meet weight standards after the birth of my daughter. 


As a mom of young children, the knowledge they share is easy to implement, and more importantly, sustainable in our busy schedule. Their positive support has been an amazing tool and real blessing on my journey."



Individual Coaching Client

Mom, Wife & Fitting-It-In Athlete


"Tiffany and Fueling Life Nutrition are invested in their clients! They want you to succeed by educating you on how best to fuel your body and by making small changes that are sustainable for a lifetime! I love their positivity and their desire to teach their clients so they can be successful in any situation. Food is fuel and this postpartum mama is thankful to have Tiffany as my nutrition coach during this busy stage of my life!"



Individual Coaching Client

Mom, Wife, & Ultra-Endurance Athlete


"I had the pleasure of working with Kendra while I was training hard for endurance races. She was very knowledgeable in sports nutrition and helped me understand how to eat appropriately to keep my body fueled and feeling good during my runs. She gave me valuable feedback on my food journal entries and made sure I understood how to feed myself to perform my best. The changes in my diet made me more powerful in competition and my recovery times improved drastically.


"I also worked with Kendra when I was pregnant, still running long distance, and learned that I had developed gestational diabetes. I had no idea how I was going to survive a low carb diet and still maintain my fitness. Kendra’s knowledge of nutrition in pregnancy is invaluable. She educated me not only about diet, but also how and when to monitor my blood sugar levels. She taught me about pairing certain foods together to prevent an abrupt spike in my blood sugar, and what foods to eat to maintain a healthy diet for both myself and my baby. Thanks to her advice, my gestational diabetes was completely diet controlled, and I did not require any medications. I felt great throughout my pregnancy and maintained my fitness."


Fueling the Mother Athlete Client

Mom, Wife, ESL Director, & Runner


"There are so many things I didn’t know I could do, and have resisted these longer training efforts for years because I thought there weren’t any options for me."