My Favorite Yoga Things
Favorite Things · June 07, 2023
If you know me well, then you know that I enjoy yoga almost every morning. It's the best way to start my day after my morning devotion. It doesn't take long for me to get my zen on but this little bit helps me out tremendously. Here are a few of my favorite things that help my yoga practice flow...

Plant-Based Celebration Protein Bars
Recipes · May 25, 2023
It feels good to finish a hard workout knowing you gave it your all. Unfortunately, it’s a bummer to realize it’s not over yet. Like with any good workout, you’re not done until you refuel. With these Plant-Based Celebration Protein Bars you can now finish your workouts with a party!

Do You Have a Picky Eater? Try These Tips!
Childhood Nutrition · May 15, 2023
Do you have a picky eater at home who needs some encouragement to try new foods? It can be frustrating when your child self-limits their list of acceptable foods. Not only does picky eating make dinnertime difficult, but it also limits the nutrients a child is getting. Take heart - most kiddos come around to expanding their list of acceptable foods. The magic is in the consistency of offering a variety of foods in a variety of ways.

Food Sourcing for Micronutrients
Nutrition · April 15, 2023
Sometimes we just need to nerd out on nutrition. One of our interns did just that in covering the micronutrients. Bookmark this post to use as a reference when researching particular micronutrients. We believe in a food-first approach and with this post, we hope you can see why we choose to focus on foods first before adding in supplements. Check out ALL the nutrition food actually supplies! Happy reading! - FLN Dietitians

Recycle & Reuse to Save $ at the Grocery Store
Nutrition · March 15, 2023
With fueling, there is one aspect that may go overlooked and something all of us could always work on - reducing our food waste. According to Feeding America, the average American family of four throws out almost $1,600 a year in produce. Here are 10 ways you could reduce your personal food waste, which will help you save money, be creative, & give back to the environment!

Love Your Heart with Fiber
Nutrition · February 15, 2023
Our cardiovascular health can be directly impacted by the foods we eat. We frequently hear that the best diet is one that is high in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and low in saturated fats and cholesterol. This is actually an excellent diet that can benefit our hearts. Blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol are three factors that affect our heart health.

Plant Proteins: Are you getting enough?
Nutrition · January 15, 2023
If you practice vegetarianism or veganism, one of the main questions you can get asked from others or even ask yourself is how you get enough protein without eating meat and/or other animal by-products. Read more about good sources of plant proteins, mixing foods to get complete proteins, and how to add more plants into your day.

Strong Over Skinny
Eating Disorders · December 15, 2022
We often think that skinny is something we should attain, that it is something that you need to be. For a long time, I thought skinny was good, that it would get me places. The reality is, skinny isn’t anything close to what I want my life to be about. Now, I’m in a place where I can help others learn what it means to be healthy and strong.

Adaptogens 101
Nutrition · November 15, 2022
One way to be prepared for the stress is to add adaptogens into your routine now. Let’s unpack this recommendation focusing on defining adaptogens and highlighting some that may be of benefit to you.

Mindful Eating Cues
Nutrition · October 15, 2022
With all the fueling options around, it's extra important to pay attention to mindful eating. What is mindful eating? Mindful eating is being aware of how you feel AND the food you are eating. In order to become a mindful eater you must ask yourself some questions...

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