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Strong Over Skinny
Eating Disorders · December 15, 2022
We often think that skinny is something we should attain, that it is something that you need to be. For a long time, I thought skinny was good, that it would get me places. The reality is, skinny isn’t anything close to what I want my life to be about. Now, I’m in a place where I can help others learn what it means to be healthy and strong.

Adaptogens 101
Nutrition · November 15, 2022
One way to be prepared for the stress is to add adaptogens into your routine now. Let’s unpack this recommendation focusing on defining adaptogens and highlighting some that may be of benefit to you.

Mindful Eating Cues
Nutrition · October 15, 2022
With all the fueling options around, it's extra important to pay attention to mindful eating. What is mindful eating? Mindful eating is being aware of how you feel AND the food you are eating. In order to become a mindful eater you must ask yourself some questions...

Lentil Love & Stew
Recipes · September 22, 2022
Lentils. Such a tiny legume packed with so many benefits! A half-cup serving of lentils provides 9 grams of fiber and 12 grams of protein.

Banana Cinnamon Overnight Oats
Recipes · August 15, 2022
STOP 🛑 Before you walk out the door in the morning, you need to eat breakfast! If you put a little forethought into it, this recipe works great for a meal on the go.

Summertime Snacking
Nutrition · July 20, 2022
It’s summertime and we’re out and about more often. This means eating on the go and quite literally, on a hike, many times of the day. As a dietitian nutritionist, one of the questions I’m most frequently asked is, “Do you have any suggestions for healthy snacks?”

2 Strategies for Goal Success
Goals · July 10, 2022
It's easy to lose sight of the end goal when surrounded by distractions. We face them EVERY DAY - work deadlines, weather changes, Netflix, #momlife, social opportunities, Instagram reels...and so. much. more. Some of our distractions are unavoidable and some seasons offer up more roadblocks than others. Even so, there are a two strategies to make you more likely to meet your goal.

"Organic" Uncovered
Nutrition · June 20, 2022
In reality, all things containing carbon, including food from living organisms, are organic. However, when we use the term “organic” food, we really mean that foods labeled as such originate from a source containing little or no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides and no antibiotics or hormones. In this sense, the term “organic” is a legal term used to describe the food production process.

3 Must-Haves in your Exercise Routine
Exercise · June 10, 2022
Sometimes, it's the routine aspect of exercise that can null the effectiveness of the exercise itself and limit our capability to increase our fitness.

Keeping Food Safe Outside
Nutrition · May 20, 2022
Spring is in the air and with it comes the desire to get out and grill out. Picnics are popular around this time of year but with all of the excitement it can be easy to forget about food safety basics. Here are some healthy tips to keep you and your food safe this picnic season.

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