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Recycle & Reuse to Save $ at the Grocery Store
Nutrition · March 15, 2023
With fueling, there is one aspect that may go overlooked and something all of us could always work on - reducing our food waste. According to Feeding America, the average American family of four throws out almost $1,600 a year in produce. Here are 10 ways you could reduce your personal food waste, which will help you save money, be creative, & give back to the environment!

Pigging Out While Pregnant?
March 20, 2022
If you just found out you are pregnant you might be super excited about all the additional food you’ll be able to eat in the next nine months. STOP right there! Contrary to popular belief, women do not need many additional calories during pregnancy. Here's why...

What Makes a Meal Healthy?
Nutrition · March 10, 2022
What exactly makes a meal healthy? A healthy meal will look different for different people in different seasons. Consider the varied nutrient needs, time restraints, and wellness goals for a pregnant mama, a marathoner set on a PR, and a busy CEO. Though all three meals will look different, they do share some qualities that make them healthy.