Sports Nutrition

To Fast or To Fuel?
Sports Nutrition · April 10, 2022
There’s no doubt that fasting is an important part of our regular digestive rhythm. Our bodies need to fast (abstain from food) so that they can focus on other important processes besides digestion. But, our bodies also need fuel during our active parts of our day.

Caffeine & Exercise
Sports Nutrition · January 20, 2022
Most of us can’t dream of waking up without a cup of steaming, hot coffee waiting for us. There is good news for regular coffee drinkers; caffeine is proven to improve athletic performance. This is also good news for those who do not consume java on a regular basis, as the same results have been found in both groups of people.

Sports Nutrition · November 20, 2021
There are many products promising to help you win big during your next race but it’s hard to determine which direction to turn given the variety of options. Some products claim to make you faster, give you more energy, help you win the race, etc. The truth isn’t quite that clear. In this case, each individual is different and what works well for one may not work for another. Here are some tips on how to pump up during your next athletic event - including the infamous Turkey Trot.