Mindful Eating Cues

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It's the time of year when food is literally thrown at you left and right.  (Watch out for that roll at Thanksgiving dinner!)  With all the fueling options around, it's extra important to pay attention to mindful eating.

What is mindful eating?  Mindful eating is being aware of how you feel AND the food you are eating.

In order to become a mindful eater you must ask yourself some questions...


Identify how you feel when you are eating:

🥦 Are you hungry?

🥦 What does it feel like to be hungry?

🥦 Were you upset, angry, depressed, or happy before you started eating?

🥦 When do you stop feeling hungry?


Become aware of how the food tastes:

🥕 What does the food taste or smell like?

🥕 Does the food taste good?

🥕 Does the food stop tasting good at any point?


Take note of your surroundings:

🌶 What are you doing when you are eating?

🌶 Are you sitting or standing?

🌶 Are you distracted by the TV or your phone?

🌶Are you snacking or eating a full meal?

🌶 Are you eating by yourself or with family or friends?


When you are more aware of your hunger cues, the food in front of you, and the environment surrounding you, you are well on your way to becoming a mindful eater.


Think about it... are you asking yourself these questions when you are eating or is it a mindless activity?  When you do these simple steps, you can enjoy the food AND the festivities around you even more!