Endurance & Strength Coaching


Do you want to run faster and train harder?

Now is the time to amp up your workouts and maximize your time.


Endurance & Strength Coaching is for you if...

  • You’re struggling to fit in all your workouts.
  • You're tired of not seeing improvement.
  • You are working through or preventing injury.
  • You want to feel stronger in your body.
  • You want to stop thinking about what to do next.
  • You need tips to improve your fitness.
  • You desire to improve your exercise performance.
  • You need a training plan that works for real life.


Are you ready to go from feeling overwhelmed with your endurance & strength training to improving your fitness with order & accountability?


Here's how Endurance & Strength Coaching works:

  • Pick a plan that works for you
    • Finish Your First 5K/10K
    • Run Your Fastest 10K/Half-Marathon
    • Multi-Sport or Endurance Event Coaching
  • Meet with Janet, our Endurance & Strength Coach, for an initial consultation
  • Follow an individualized plan to direct your goals and help you stay accountable
  • Quickly access Janet with training questions via Healthie chat
  • Final appointment with Janet to plan your race-day strategy



  • Access to a variety of nutrition workshops  


Don’t mess around with injuries that sideline you from the fun. 


Prevent them with proper training and advice from fitness experts.


Reality check… Janet might be a strong athlete and coach but she is also a real mom who misses some workouts.


She rarely makes it to the start line with a perfectly completed training calendar...


She knows that bad workouts happen...


And, she understands that life gets in the way.


Sometimes we miss a full week of workouts, or even more! 


Janet has learned over the years that it’s about overall consistency. She understands how to make smart training choices and that listening to your body is more important than running every run right on pace and logging every prescribed mile.  


She's here to get you to the start line rested, ready, and sane! 


Learn more about Janet HERE.

FLN Clients are seeing results.

Riley went from feeling drained to POWERFUL in races.

Malia learned how to balance nutrition with busy mom life.

Jessica discovered SO much more her body could do. 


Read more testimonials HERE

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need a coach? I’m just an average runner. 

First of all, unless you’re training for the Olympics, we’re all “average runners” to someone! Regardless of your ability level, a coach can help you achieve your goals. Guidance on paces, mileage, and overall accountability are all good reasons to invest in a coach. If you have been trying for a while to reach a specific goal you might need a little objective expertise! 


I want to do a triathlon but I have no idea where to start...

On your initial call, we can discuss gear needed, realistic budgets, a timeline for being prepared and what a week looks like when you’re trying to train three sports at once and still be a somewhat responsible adult. 


What do I do if I miss workouts?

We say that this depends on the situation. Having a training plan that is tailored to you and your needs means you can reach out to your coach and make adjustments as necessary. 


What if I have questions for my coach during the week?

Plug in from anywhere that works for you - be it the sidelines of soccer practice or the waiting room during dance class. We’ve got an app for that!  Send your coach a message at a time that you are free and she’ll get back to you within 24 hours Monday through Friday.


What are the payment options?

There are multiple ways for you to enjoy Endurance & Strength Coaching through our different package options (see below). Learn more about the different packages here.


Got another Question? Send it via email HERE and one of the coaches will get back to you!

If you're ready to perform better, train harder, and prevent injury...

Endurance & Strength Coaching is for you!


Why wait around waiting for your performance to improve when you have tools at your fingertips to run faster while staying healthy?


Find the time, energy, and balance you’ve been seeking and take control of your training.


Endurance & Strength Coaching has what you need to:

  • Run faster, longer, and harder
  • Maximize your training efforts
  • Stay accountable and feel supported
  • Prevent injury from overuse or imbalance
  • Enjoy your workouts and celebrate what your body can do

All this is waiting for you!


Endurance Coaching: Finish Your First 5K/10K Package



☀️  10 week training program 

☀️  30 minute initial consult 

☀️  Customized training plan with 3-4 runs per week 

☀️  1, 30-minute check-in call mid-training plan

☀️  Healthie chat check-ins

☀️  30 minute pre race planning session


Endurance Coaching: Run Your Fastest 10K/Half-Marathon Package



☀️  14 week training program 

☀️  30 minute initial consult
☀️  Customized training plan with cross training 
☀️  3, 30-minute check-in calls mid-training plan
☀️  Healthie chat check-ins 
☀️  30 minute pre race planning session


Endurance Coaching: 

Multi-sport or Endurance Race



Multi-sport or Endurance Race Coaching for single race focus, full season, or off season base building 



☀️  60 minute initial consult 
☀️  Customized training plan across all modes of sport

☀️  Weekly 15 minute appointments for:gear guidance

race planning strategies
training adjustments
☀️  Healthie chat check-ins

☀️  Monthly renewal