Simplify Meal Planning

Tis the season for BUSY. I've heard it said that May is as packed as December, and I'm starting to believe it. If you're the parent of a school-age kid, you'll likely agree. May is the last push to the end of the school year and it is FULL - concerts, sports, field trips, awards ceremonies, parent days, etc. It's a celebratory time for sure, but it can be overwhelming.


When our schedules are maxed, it can be easy to throw meal planning out the window. However, that doesn't solve the problem. It can actually make it worse by increasing trips to the grocery store and doubling our stress level when dinner is an afterthought, but everyone is hungry. 


You have permission to SIMPLIFY meal planning! Why not create a week and put it on repeat? Rather than stressing about what to make, repeat simple fan faves. Why?

  • You know how long it takes to make these "brainless crowd pleasers" (nod to The Lazy Genius).
  • Grocery shopping is a snap.
  • You do not need to rely on fast food, saving you overall time and money.

Meal planning does not equal extravagant meals. You can keep your menu simple and easy. Here are some ideas to get food on the table - picnic table, back of the Suburban, on the field at soccer practice - quickly:

  • Go picnic-style with hard-boiled eggs, veggies and hummus, sliced fruit, and whole grain crackers
  • Turkey wraps, bagged salad mix, and berries
  • Dino nuggets and roasted veggies
  • Sheet pan night - use chicken, garbanzo beans, tempeh, or bratwurst for protein and include potatoes and pre-cut veggies to round out the meal. Season with your favorite combo.
  • Grilled chicken grain bowls (we use black rice, grilled chicken with pesto, and cauliflower - it's a pretty colorful bowl!)
  • Run Fast Eat Slow Superhero muffins and scrambled eggs (you could do pancakes instead of waffles and add spinach and leftover veggies to your eggs)

We all dip into hectic seasons. Refrain from adding to the stress by tossing your meal plans. Instead, simplify and conquer the crazy by repeating your meal plan for a few weeks. 


We would love to hear your fan faves! What do you make during the busy seasons of life? Share with us!


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